You can download the latest versions of Vimarun from the links below:

Windows Download
Vimarun for Windows 1.0.68   (February 4, 2021)To update, first uninstall old version using uninstaller (keep database), then install new installer  

This is the full version of Vimarun.

Vimarun for Windows was designed and tested with VMware Workstation Professional 16.x and 17.x, although it should work with most earlier versions.
It also works with VMware Player 16.x and higher, but not with earlier versions of VMware Player.

If you install Vimarun then it will automatically install a 60 days trial license on your behalf. With that trial license you can test if it works for you for 60 days.

After those 60 days unfortunately you can no longer use Vimarun. There is no free version available.

If you want to continue using Vimarun after 60 days, then you can do so by buying a license in our webshop.