Frequently asked Questions

Can I access a VM remotely via a console?

Vimarun does not provide a remote console like you could use in VMware Workstation shared VM’s feature. We recommend to use Remote Desktop or a similar feature if it is available within the guest OS.
If however none of that is available then you can still use the built-in VNC Server feature of VMware Workstation.
For more info see:
Configure a virtual machine as a VNC server

Buy Vimarun as a reseller

If you are a reseller and want to buy one or more licenses on behalf of your customers then that is possible.

Important: We need the company name of the customer in order to be able to generate a license. The license code is linked to their name. If there is no company name then use the customer’s name.

We sell our product exclusively via our payment partner Paddle. When making the purchase, the first popup screen asks for company name and/or user name. Here you should put the customer’s company name and/or contact name.

After that initial screen you can make the payment and supply your company details to paddle.
We will email the license with the customer’s company/name directly to you.

There are no special reseller prices.