Virtual Machine menu

After selecting a virtual machine in the list you can use the virtual machine menu.
virtual machine menu

Each option in the menu gives you an action you can perform with the virtual machine right now.

  • Start, this lets you start the VM when it is suspended or stopped. This is disabled in the screenshot above as the VM is already running.
  • Stop, if a VM is running then this option lets you ask the guest operating system to shut down. This is not a hard shut down unless vmware tools is not installed or running.
  • Suspend, if a VM is running then you can use this to immediately suspend the guest OS.
  • Start KVM, if the VM is not running then you can use this to start the virtual machine in KVM mode. This is a full screen mode where you can switch between host OS and guest OS by pressing the “Pause”/”Break” key. This KVM feature is installed by default by VMware, but most people don’t know about it, so I figured to expose it here as it is pretty cool to have.